5 Best Metal Detectors For Coins

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5 Best Metal Detectors For Coins

Metal detecting for coins is by far the most popular hobby of Metal Detecting. This is an activity that is enjoyed by users of all ages and skill levels.

It’s good to know that regardless of the price tag, all-metal detectors will detect coins. The best metal detectors for coins and jewelry will be able to highlight the treasure and ignore the trash or junk. 

But not all metal detectors are up for this task. These devices come in various features and capabilities therefore, for you to find something of great value, you need to invest in the right metal detector.

The truth is whether you’re an expert whose device is not performing well or you’re a newbie to the world of metal detecting, understanding what to look for is the best step to make when selecting a metal detector. 

This is why we have put this article together to give you the most relevant information on choosing metal detectors that will be right for you and a review of the best metal detectors on the market so you make the right purchasing decision. 

Let’s dive into it!

Must-Have Metal Detection Features for Finding Coins

Notch Discrimination

Notch discrimination is what allows you to select which parts of the conductivity spectrum to ignore and which parts to pay attention to. It is one of the most important features to look out for when it comes to metal detectors.
Most detectors operate by using the strength of the field to discover an object’s overall conductivity. This is mainly because not all detectors produce a powerful electromagnetic field. Depending on the strength of the field, the metal detector can then determine the type of metal an object is made out of.

Ground Balance and Mineralization Filter

Ground balance settings reduce the problem of ground mineralization. Ground mineralization is when your metal detector goes off regularly while masking targets as it detects small traces of metal in the soil. This can become your worst enemy when metal detecting.
With the ground mineralization feature in place, the metal detector will be able to remove the signals produced by the minerals on the ground.


Your work doesn’t end when your metal detector indicates you’ve found a coin. The next thing is to pinpoint it to dig it out from the ground.
With the pinpointing feature, you can precisely get closer to the objects location. The more closer you get, the louder the signal to let you know you’re getting close.

Target Detection

It’s interesting to know that most metal detectors use the strength of the magnetic field to determine the composition of an identified metal. This is what target detection systems do. Although they may ot be necessary, they can make the user’s life very easy. Some advanced or premium models go a step further to give users an outline of the hidden treasure. This is to help in ignoring or paying attention to a signal.

Other Considerations

Frequency Range

The types of things you can find will largely depend on the frequency range of your metal detector. For finding coins a detector can produce between 6 and 15kHZ .
Many detectors can allow you to adjust your required settings manually while some offer multiple frequency settings.

Depth Capabilities

The size of the metal detector is very important when it comes to its depth capabilities. When it comes to larger coils, they can penetrate deeply into the ground but the level of accuracy and efficiency would be low as compared to detectors with smaller coils.
Most coins can easily find items about 3 to 12 inches below the surface.


It is important to go in for metal detectors with both fresh and saltwater protection if you want to search for coins around a lake or beach. Metal detectors with water-resistant features are capable of without splashes. If you plan to rather go deeper and search under the surface of the water the it will be advisable to opt in for a 100% waterproof model.


Metal detecting is a nice experience but what is likely to ruin it is its weight. Before purchasing a metal detector, you should consider its weight distribution and model design.
The most comfortable units are those generally those with centrally located control boxes and arm cuffs and this is because the weight is evenly distributed on the user’s arm.



The user friendliness of the control is important. This is what creates the whole experience with metal detecting. Not all metal detectors are the same. Some are very complex and can be very confusing for beginners who don’t have the knowledge on how they’re operated.

Review Of The Best Metal Detectors For Coins

1. Garrett AT Pro

This Garrett AT Pro may be the detector for you if you are looking for a metal detector that does well for coins and relic hunting as well as one that can be taken underwater.

The AT Pro is known for its ability to function effectively in various terrains.) It’s important to note that lost coins can be found nearby different places under different ground conditions.

From the beach to parks and fields. This is why the Garrett AT Pro is designed to be taken anywhere and everywhere as it is part of the All-Terrain series by Garrett.

However, it will need to obtain maximum performance by taking some knowledge to make necessary adjustments in black sand and saltwater water. 

This Garrett AT Pro metal detector features a lot of user-adjustable settings. These include the high-resolution iron features which come with 40 different levels of discrimination. 

You can turn down the volume of iron signals without necessarily notching them out as this metal detector features Iron audio. 

With Garrett AT Pro, you can still focus on the right signals from coins even in an area with a lot of trash and relics. However, In situations where minerals begin to interfere with the detection, manual auto and ground balance becomes very helpful.


  • High-resolution iron
  • Manual Ground balance
  • Iron Audio
  • Higher frequency


  • Not suitable for saltwater.

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Experienced and expert detectorists will have fun with the ORX metal detector as it is a high-performing,  all-purpose metal detector.

With beginners, they will grow with this ORX metal detector as it will help them to improve their detection for greater depth. 

The wireless search coil of this metal detector is basically “the detector” and it offers different selectable frequencies for operation.


With this metal detector, the remote control and the search coil are designed to work independently of each other.

However, ORX is important that you conduct some research into the best search coil that will best fit you.  

With the ORX, depending on the conditions of the hunting site, you can hunt deep and fast for coins. It only has Coin and Gold modes. 

It is rated submersible for up to 5 meters with the purchase of a separate underwater kit and as such, you can take your hunt to the water.


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3. Fisher F44

This Fisher F44 metal detector comes with a plethora of excellent features designed to maximize the results of a coin shooters hunt.

With the iron audio feature, advanced ground balance, and a unique frequency for coins,  the user will be able to dig out coins along all day long.

The target ID of this metal detector is able to assign a value to the object it identifies based on its conductivity.

This Fisher F44 is meant to help the user determine the right way, the type of coin that has been found even before they start to dig.

The Fisher F44 model comes with excellent features yet, very affordable. This makes it ideal for beginners as it allows them to develop important detecting skills without breaking the bank. 

This Fisher F44 metal detector is specifically designed for coins and as such, comes with a depth indicator that provides an estimate on how deep an identified country is.

The measurements come in segments thus, the more the segments, the deeper it is. This Fisher F44 metal detector comes with an advanced Computerized Ground Grab function that works like an automatic ground balance.

Although Fisher F44 can only be used in All Metal mode, with the other search modes, the manual ground balance is present to provide optimum performance. 

With the pinpoint feature, you will be able to detect an object’s precise location and as such, you don’t need to purchase a separate pinpointer.


  • Pinpoint feature
  • Iron audio
  • Target ID
  • Auto and manual ground balance
  • Depth Indicator


  • Comes with no accessories

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4. Minelab X-TERRA 305

This Minelab X-TERRA 305 metal detector is an entry-level detector with excellent features that provide top notch additional functions with the  accuracy and quality you would expect from  Minelab. 

Minelab X-TERRA 305 comes with amazing features such as depth indicator,  multiple tones, Target ID, and discrimination.

Beginners in the initial, stages will have a few challenges using this metal detector and this is because this model uses manual ground balance instead of automatic or preset. However, they will become detecting pros in no time.


This Minelab X-TERRA 305 metal detector comes with 3 noise cancelling channels. Users can take advantage of these channels when interference comes into play. 

The Minelab X-TERRA 305 comes with a Target Volume feature, an electronic resources pinpoint feature and an adjustable threshold.

It also comes with a feature that makes it possible to change the search coil to a different frequency.

This search coil comes with an operating frequency of 7.5 kHz which is perfect for coin-shooting.


  • Adjustable settings
  • Target ID
  • Manual Ground balance
  • Compatible with higher frequency coil


  • No auto ground balance.

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5. Fisher F75

5 Best Metal Detectors For Coins

The Fisher F25 is ideal for anyone on the lookout for silver treasure, silver cousin  and silver relics. This is an all round detector made to find all types of treasures including coins. 

This metal detector requires a learning curve for beginners but a less complicated metal detector for those looking to upgrade and for experienced users. 

The Fisher F75 is able to cut out interference while digging deep underground  using a technology known as DST (Dual Shielding Technology)

With this metal detector, you don’t need to silence out the iron when metal detecting as you may also risk missing the adjacent coins.

This Fisher F75 is possible as the metal detector features the FeTone Volume and FA Search Mode.

You will be able to hear both the good and bad without being worn down as such you won’t miss anything.


  • Comfortable to use
  • FeTone Volume
  • DST
  • FA search mode


  • Requires learning curve for beginners.

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With the right metal detector for coins,  finding hidden coins will be very fun and easy. You no longer have to second guess your alerts or worry about digging up junk as the metal detectors on this list come, especially with advanced technology to help you set your targets high and stick to them. Choose one and start searching!